United Way works with businesses, organizations and individuals to help human service agencies meet the needs of people living in Roscommon County.  Funds provided by United Way stay in Roscommon County and are used to provide valuable services to residents of our communities who are in need. Donations of any size are appreciated.  Even $1 a week makes a huge difference when combined with donations from others.  United Way encourages payroll deduction to help make giving easy.  Employers who support payroll deduction help build the strength of United Way. The money you donate makes a difference in our community.

Thank You for Supporting the United Way.

Together we make a difference!

  • Donate to the United Way
  • Designate to a nonprofit organization or your choosing
  • Encourage your employer to support payroll deduction
  • Encourage your co-workers to make a donation, no matter how small
  • Learn about the needs in your community
  • Encourage agencies to seek support from United Way
  • Help your neighbors and others understand the need to support our community
  • Find a cause you believe in and spend time promoting it in your community
  • Consider becoming a campaign leader and assist United Way in developing funds
  • Spend an hour, or a day, or a week at an agency that directly meets the needs of the people in Roscommon County